The concept of Bring Your Own Carrier – or BYOC for short – became increasingly important with the triumph of platforms like Microsoft Teams. That's because even Microsoft recognized that its own monthly subscription service packages for telecommunications services weren't fitting for every business. With the introduction of direct routing, all that changed: Companies can now integrate their existing phone providers using Microsoft Teams.

Over the past few years, business communication has changed rapidly: Companies are increasingly using new methods to engage with colleagues and customers across multiple platforms and channels. Cloud-based platforms have become the central hub for internal and external communications for agile companies. The latest trend in the tech universe? Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC).

What does Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) mean?

BYOC is an acronym for Bring Your Own Carrier and allows flexible choice of a SIP trunk between a carrier's cloud (e.g. Multiconnect) and a third-party provider's telecom services. In short: BYOC offers companies the freedom they are used to when choosing their telephone providers for their digital contact center, video calls and more.

What kind of companies benefit from BYOC?

Bring Your Own Carrier is suitable for all companies wanting to use a telephone connection alongside a cloud contact center or Microsoft Teams. Internationally active companies, which usually have several provider connections in different countries, can also benefit from BYOC.

BYOC allows companies to keep all their telephone numbers whether they are expanding to or within Europe, moving headquarters or changing communication platforms. With BYOC, onboarding new teams, lines of business and locations becomes a breeze. A simple and centralized communications infrastructure using a carrier with a strong European footprint is the key to making it happen. Extensive coverage plus state-of-the-art voice and data transfer included.

Which platforms is BYOC compatible with?

Anyone who has opted for a contact center platform such as Freshdesk will inevitably come across its limitations, such as the limited availability of service numbers. This is where BYOC steps in: With a linked SIP trunk, you get the best of both worlds. The implementation works smoothly, not only for contact center solutions like Freshdesk, but also cloud PBX solutions like Twilio, Zoom or 3CX. UCaaS (Unified Communications As a Service) such as MS Teams or RingCentral can also be connected.

The barriers to European market entry

As diverse as the culture of the various European countries is, as complex are the national peculiarities in telecommunications. What works smoothly in Germany might seem impossible in the U.K. For foreign companies, that's a huge administrative burden that can quickly turn into a major cost factor.

Reliable telephone coverage everywhere, delivered in top quality

A solution for market entry barriers? Using Bring Your Own Carrier. An absolute must for agile companies operating internationally. This is because BYOC offers a great amount of freedom, even with strong economic growth and the accompanying need for telephone coverage. Instead of relying on a single carrier, BYOC allows companies to expand into any region without having to enter into a bureaucratic feud with national restrictions.

Choosing the right carrier for regional compliance policies and regulations

When choosing BYOC, regulatory requirements and compliance guidelines also play an important role. In some countries, it is mandatory to use certain carriers. With Bring Your Own Carrier, it is easy to adapt to regional compliance guidelines.

The advantages of BYOC

Bring Your Own Carrier enables enterprises to continue using their existing infrastructure without sacrificing the benefits of virtual cloud telephony (VoIP). This means service providers can offer their customers higher call quality while keeping costs low.

  • Full control over inbound and outbound calls
  • Flexibility in managing call numbers

Selection of a carrier with high quality and security standards

Multiconnect is your international carrier in Europe

Business leaders will continue to rely on customized and flexible communications solutions for optimal collaboration in order to build a secure future. Transform your digital communication via telephone across Europe with a reliable local carrier by your side.

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