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Virtual telephone system with ACD

Control all your inbound and outbound calls with our virtual cloud telephone system:

Intelligent call distribution with the iMos® Contact – Call Center solution from Multiconnect

You have high telephone traffic? Your employees work remotely, have flexible hours, and are not always easy to reach? Your customers are waiting on the line or are not connected to the appropriate contact in time? 


Our virtual telephone system iMos® solves all your telephone problems. Incoming calls will be automatically and intelligently distributed to the appropriate employee – according to your individually integrated rules  – no matter how many call centers, what time of the day or total volume.

Do you have one of the following problems?

  • You are losing business because incoming calls are not properly distributed.
  • You are losing business because callers need to wait too long.
  • Your call center agents are assigned inefficiently because they are not able to take the correct calls, in general, or fast enough.
  • Your old telephone system doesn’t offer particular functions you urgently need.
  • Your old telephone system is not maintained anymore and is becoming a bottleneck for your business.
  • … therefore, your customers are angry, you hear phrases like „I have been waiting forever!”, „I never got a callback…” or „Why do I always have to wait for 10 min, only to tell you that I need to speak to Mr M.?”.

Key-benefits of our virtual telephone system:

  • You connect all employees and all locations
  • You increase the efficiency of your contact center
  • You improve the service level and the customer satisfaction
  • You benefit from a simple Pay-per-Use model

No technical requirements

Our solution definitely works with your existing physical telephone system. If you don’t have a telephone system yet, you don’t need one: In this case, you can save money by using our State of the Art Cloud PBX solution with an internet connection. If you haven’t got an internet connection either, we are also the right partner for you. As a licensed provider we are able to offer you everything with one single stop.

All you need are your employees, we take care of everything else.

Any number of parallel calls possible

Our system adapts to your telephone traffic without lead time, no matter if there is an unpredictable high number of calls or if you want to increase the performance. No caller will end a call anymore because of the busy signal or a queue when you use the iMos® Contact – Call Center solution from Multiconnect.

A maximum of geographical flexibility

It doesn’t matter if your employees are in a call center, a branch office, working from home, or all of the above. They can be connected to the system anytime and anywhere in real-time, so that the phone only rings where someone really can help.

A maximum of time-wise flexibility

You can exactly match your employees flexible hours and therefore offer attractive working conditions in all.

The next appropriate employee will pick up

You decide, when, how and where to incoming calls will be distributed. This way you ensure the availability of and the distribution to the most competent employee or call center agent. Routing via number selection (“Press ‘One’ for…”), speech recognition (“Please say ‘Support’ to be connected to our support”), or data from your customer database automatically connect your customers to an employee with all the needed know-how.

The efficiency of your employees can be doubled.

Precise adjustment to your existing processes

The iMos® Contact – Call Center solution adapts to your processes – not the other way around! Site affiliation, freely definable agent status, postprocessing times, and auto-logouts, next to the tagging of calls and database related routing of calls to groups and agents are only some of the tools that you can use, to guide your contact center according to your targets.


Easy and fast implementation

Our virtual telephone system can be implemented easily and fast. All you need is a simple telephone connection. The system offers extensive and user-friendly admin modules as well as detailed statistics to fully control everything in real-time.

Transparent costs: Pay-Per-Use instead of extensive licences

Instead of forcing you to use a vast license model which you probably won’t ever fully need, we offer you a Pay-Per-Use-Model: You will only be charged for what you used, 100% transparently.

Always State of the Art

We constantly work on our system and develop new features – because first of all, customers bring new challenges, and secondly because we like to find and offer new technical possibilities. We develop as professionals for professionals.

Who benefits from the iMos® Contact – Call Center solution from Multiconnect?

  • Connecting and integrating unlimited numbers of locations and branches
  • Integrating home office workspaces into the system seamlessly
  • Used in small, medium-sized and very large call centers
  • Expert hotlines
  • Consultant teams
  • Service Centers

Why the virtual telephone system from


We are one of the leading full system integrators on the German market for more than 15 years.

We have our own, high load stable telephone network with advanced IN/IVR – technology as well as multi-channel capable premium rate solutions (Voice, Web, SMS). We offer extensive, user-friendly and online based administration tools for our customers, which allow perfect overview and full control of the dialogue activities anytime.

Because we know what we do, we are ready to offer you the following:

    We guarantee that our system will be compatible with your existing system.
    You get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Key – benefits of a virtual cloud telephone system with intelligent call distribution:

  • … You connect all employees and all locations
  • … You increase the efficiency of your contact center
  • … You improve service level and the customer satisfaction
  • … You benefit from a simple Pay-per-Use model


What is the iMos Contact Center?

The iMos Contact Center is a virtual telephone system with intelligent call distribution. You can choose to have your own CRM, as it is compatible with EVERY CRM system and EVERY telephone system, which it can either complement or fully replace: No local installation required, all in the cloud.

Please find enclosed a multitude of use cases on the following page:
Uses of our virtual telephone system

System prerequisites

What do you need to use the virtual telephone system?

  • An internet connection.

What you can have, but don’t necessarily need:

  • Landline connection,
  • Telephone system.

What you don’t need:

  • No local installation,
  • no new hardware.

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