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The Multiconnect Partnership Principle – overcoming the typical supplier-customer approach.

In many publications, the concept of “coopetition” gets a lot of attention. Overcoming the typical “it’s them or us” approach to a rather cooperative thinking is meanwhile “common sense” in many management decisions. Similar to that, the conventional supplier-customer relationship should be rethought as well. Sure, there are still (well-functioning) traditional value chains in many industrial structures. That said, megatrends such as e-mobility or digitization illustrate: innovation leaps can only be implemented together – even within the “industry 1.0”.

Speaking of our profession – the customer contact management – it becomes even more obvious. Very few things should be more important to you than communicating to your leads and clients in a professional, effective and reliable way. Helping you in this context is our core competency. This is reflected by our performance profile and processes: we regard ourselves as sparring partner being focused on your growth and not as a sales organization “pushing” you and talking you into standard products. Our desire is to discuss with you, sometimes even to challenge you in order to get the best possible and fitting solution providing you real value-added. Surely, looking at where we are coming from this approach is predestined, as:

  • our platform („iMos“) and all its solutions are completely self-developed,
  • our solutions such as our ACD and our call tracking have been designed in a modular and flexible way,
  • our dedicated Solution Management Team takes care of each and every partner individually,
  • our position – meaning – being a German & Austrian carrier is unique in the industry and
  • our capability to deliver smart and efficient combinations of our fixed and mobile networks is outstanding.

To us, that is not enough. The partnership principle can be seen in our commercials model as well. We are software developers, we don’t source software licences and resell these licenses. This fact enables us to charge you on a variable success base (in minutes, revenue sharing, delivered messages, etc.).

Our aspiration is to enable you to become more than a supplier to your clients – we want you to be their partners. Being yours, is our gold standard.

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Manfred Artmeier, CCO