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About Multiconnect

Always the right calling number for your communications!

Our extensive portfolio of calling numbers and value-added services covers all of your requirements for a modern, innovative customer dialogue. Based on a well-engineered technical infrastructure, Multiconnect is able to intelligently distribute small and large communication volumes. Businesses from multiple industries rely on the wide-range of Multiconnect’s services when it comes to their individual sales, marketing, and customer retention tasks.

The vital benefit: businesses can implement a perfect customer dialogue without using their own resources. Their employees are then able to completely focus on their tasks, which creates a real competitive advantage for the business!

Experience, Know-how, Service

Multiconnect is one of the most experienced players on the German market, with more than 15 years of experience as a telecommunication service and network provider. We have our own high volume telephone network with highly developed IN/IVR technology and multichannel capable value-added solutions—such as Voice, Web, and SMS. For our customers, we offer extensive user-friendly and online based administration tools that always offer a perfect overview and full control of the dialogue activities. Our team is looking forward to working with you to develop your customized concept for dialogue tasks. Give us a call!

Some facts and figures about us:

  • We offer global service calling numbers,
  • and value-added services for mobile and landlines.
  • We have been a specialized telecommunications-network provider since 1999,
  • and an outsourcing partner for carriers and businesses.
  • We can offer you over 23.500 parallel channels simultaneously.
  • Through us, you can process over 120.000 SMS per minute, globally.
  • Our servers process over 400.000.000 calls per year!
  • Our offices are located right across Munich’s largest (and we think the most special) beer garden!

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