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0800 freeConnect

Your customers can call you free of charge with a 0800 calling number

With this calling solution that is free of charge, if you call from a German landline or mobile service you invite your customers to connect with you—and show an impressive level of service that significantly enhances your chances to get a lead to call you.

The use of a “0800 free Connect” calling number from Multiconnect is a win-win option because all parties involved benefit from it.

Bestellen Sie Ihre 0800 Service Rufnummer bei Multiconnect

Use cases for a 0800 service calling number:

  • Information and order hotlines
  • Service and complaint hotlines
  • Response channel for marketing activities
  • Connection of location independent services


As a Multiconnect customer, you benefit in multiple ways:

  • fast and straightforward calling number reservations
  • competent contacts for custom made solutions
  • fast implementation
  • comprehensive statistics and management modules
  • individual speech dialogue systems
  • clear and transparent accounting
  • professional 24-hour support
00800 – International
00800 – International
0800 aus mehreren Ländern
0800 from multiple countries

And all of this at a great price with scalability built in from the start! Our solution experts are here to help, and together we will create the perfect solution for you.

You can reach us either by phone at +49 (89) 44 288-000 or through the following contact form:


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