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With a 0137 calling number, you can execute votings, sweepstakes, and advertising campaigns!

Get more attention for your marketing campaigns using a 0137 service calling number from Multiconnect. Our high traffic systems are perfectly suited for votings, sweepstakes, or marketing activities on TV, radio, or in print.

What is a 0137 number?

0137 numbers manage high traffic, which means that a certain amount of throughput—precisely 1.680 simultaneous calls per second—is guaranteed! And our advanced network infrastructure can accomplish even more volume than that!

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Examples for a 0137 service calling number

0137 numbers allow you to process huge amounts of inbound calls when you need a large number of connections at the same time; for example:

  • 0137 Votings – TV, Radio, Internet, Print, etc.: The classic TV format, where you can call in and vote for your favorite. A feature from Multiconnect is that we are also able to help international TV stations, which only advertise for certain target groups in their country.
  • 0137 Sweepstakes: you can organize a sweepstake with a larger amount of simultaneous calls that are generated through print advertising.
  • Event activities
  • Teleshopping
  • Address generation
  • Call-In formats

Moreover, as a Multiconnect customer you benefit in multiple ways:

  • concise pooling of calling numbers: because of our vast pool of calling numbers, we are able to find a suitable, appealing, and easy to remember calling number for you.
  • sweepstake control with real-time modules
  • infrastructure for high traffic services
  • media professionals for your support
  • fast implementation
  • comprehensive statistics and management modules
  • individual speech dialogue systems
  • punctual and secure disbursements
  • clear and transparent accounting
  • professional 24-hour support
  • in-depth knowledge of legal parameters for your project in Austria and Germany

And all of this at favorable prices! Our solutions experts are here to help, and to work with you to develop the perfect solution for your needs.

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    Christian Anton Banhans

    „Whether you want to achieve a pan-European singing contest with public voting by more than 270 million contacts, or align your tele-shopping to focus on a foreign-language audience, we have the technological basis and the experience to successfully support you.”

    Christian Anton Banhans, CEO Multiconnect