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iMos® IVR

Enhance your customer dialogue with voice-based value-added functions

You can complement the routing functions of Multiconnect’s intelligent network (IN) with various speech based functions and features. Those will be displayed on so-called IVR-systems (IVR = Interactive Voice Response). As the name indicates, those systems can pick up a call and enter into an interactive dialogue with the caller.

As a Multiconnect customer you benefit in many ways:

  • The systems are available 24/7 and are designed redundantly.
  • The number of parallel lines is basically unlimited, a busy signal is therefore a thing of the past.
  • You are directly integrated with the routing network and therefore have access to all relevant information (e.g. the phone number, even if the call is anonymous).
  • All functions are build in a modular way. Therefore, extensive speech dialogues can be designed fast and cost-efficient according to customer requirements as well as flexibly connected with intelligent routing functions.
  • The support of the customer dialogue with speech automation (e.g. pre-qualification) reduces cost and effort in regards to personnel and TC- infrastructure.

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