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Call Tracking

Complete your marketing analysis through call tracking!

Phone calls are still Number 1 when it comes to making contact. In adding the response channel of telephony in every area of your marketing campaign, you get complete success control of your campaigns with Call Tracking from Multiconnect.

Keine Informationen ohne Call Tracking
Without call tracking, you don’t know where your calls are coming from.
Volle Informationen mit Call Tracking
With call tracking, you can see which marketing measures are working.
Keine Informationen ohne Call Tracking
Marketing budgets and calls are isolated values without call tracking.
Maximale Effizienz mit Call Tracking
With call tracking, you can see efficiencies, compare marketing measures and optimize better.

Without call tracking marketing budgets and incoming calls are two isolated values. Comparisons and optimization are only possible with call tracking. If you offer products or services on a website, you should not underestimate the telephone response behavior of your customers in your marketing analysis. Because not only do calls cost more than clicks- they are also way more value!
Call tracking combines web analysis tools like Google(R) Analytics with your customer’s telephone behavior. For example, you can learn the following:

  • which offers on your website directly result in a telephone contact,
  • how long the call lasts and
  • with which quality the call is rated.

Call tracking offers you the possibility to include contacts via offline media like print, TV or radio in your analysis. You get a complete picture regarding all used campaigns and marketing channels. Based on this you can optimize your campaigns to significantly improve the efficiency of your marketing budget.

In this video, our long-term customer Mag. Patrick Leypold, Managing Director of Leypold & Partner Online Marketing Results GmbH, will show you, using real examples, how call tracking was initiated and what the benefits are:


Call tracking with virtual marketing call number is suitable for all industries: No matter if it’s a SME or blue-chip, insurance company or dentist, regardless of whether you use it for your website, print ad, external advertising banner, TV-spots, seller portal or in the yellow pages – any “presence” can transport individual service- or geographic calling numbers, and costs and benefits can be clearly assigned this way.

Mit Call Tracking von Multi Connect können Sie Ihre Anrufe auswerten.

Use cases for call tracking:

  • Search ad campaigns:
    Evaluation of the number and quality of direct telephone contacts
  • Keyword-optimization with PPC and SEO:
    Which keywords lead to calls?
  • Display- and App-Ads:
    Tracking of calls, well as the possibility to directly initiate calls on mobile devices
  • Direct marketing:
    How successful are newsletters, direct mailings and flyers?
  • Print- and TV-/radio advertisement:
    Selective evaluation of campaigns through individual calling numbers
  • Identification of products that are in need of more information, be it better description or a consultative sales approach:
    Which products are bought directly, where does the customer asks for an explanation?
  • Optimization of the website content:
    How does the customer navigate the website and when or where does he make the call (customer journey)?


As a Multiconnect customer you benefit in many ways:

  • Transfer of call relevant data in real-time to your analytics account (e.g.: Google, but also all others)
  • Integration of other analysis tools or your own web tracking solution
  • Assignment of calling numbers for the differentiation of campaigns + marketing channels
  • Calling numbers for individual, customer-related tracking
  • Calling numbers instantly available in all 5200 local networks in Germany and Austria
  • Customers call their -> own <- calling number, instead of an exotic one abroad
  • extensive routing options optimize your reachability
  • Direct overflow to alternative destinations (call center, voice mail) or call back options
  • Whisper announcement at the designated line to recognize calls e.g. from the website
  • extended speech dialogue to rate the call through the target page, e.g.: lead/sales, conversion, quality, revenue

Our experts are there to help you and create the perfect call tracking solution for your specific needs. Just call us using the following (call tracking backed) number:  +49 (89) 44 288-000 , or use the form below to arrange a free and non-binding consultation with our experts:


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Christian T. Anton

„For example … as a webshop, by using Multiconnect’s call tracking, you can filter calls of customers that RIGHT NOW have a problem with entering their credit card data and paying, and move them to the front of the queue, ahead of customers that only want to general information.

This way you increase sales, without having to change anything for your call centre employees.”

– Christian T. Anton, CEO Multiconnect