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About Multiconnect

Our portfolio of calling numbers and value-added services covers all requirements for a modern, innovative customer dialogue. Based on a well-engineered technical infrastructure, that is able to intelligently distribute small and large communication volumes. Businesses from various industries rely on the range of Multiconnect’s services when it comes to their individual sales-, marketing-, and customer retention tasks.

The vital benefit: Businesses implement a perfect customer dialogue without binding their own resources. The employees can fully focus on their actual tasks. This creates a real competitive advantage.

Experience, Know-how, Service

Multiconnect is one of the most experienced players on the German market with more than 15 years of experience as a telecommunication service- and network provider. We have our own hight traffic capable telephone network with highly developed IN/IVR technology as well as multichannel capable value-added solutions (Voice, Web, SMS). For our customers, we offer extensive, user-friendly and online based administration tools, which always offer a perfect overview and full control of the dialogue activities. Our team is looking forward to developing a customized concept for your dialogue tasks together with you. Talk to us.

A few numbers and facts about us:

  • We offer global service calling numbers,
  • as well as value-added services for mobile an landlines.
  • We are a specialized telecommunications-network provider since 1999,
  • and outsourcing partner for carriers and businesses.
  • We can offer you over 23.500 parallel channels just in time.
  • You can process over 120.000 SMS per minute, globally, with us.
  • Our servers process over 400.000.000 calls per year.
  • Last but not least: Our office is located right across Munich’s largest (and as we say finest) beer garden!

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