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A2P SMS in Austria

There are three segments in the SMS market:

P2P: This area covers consumer to consumer – it is covered by SMS-brokers, Multiconnect is not active here.

Enterprise customers: This area is all about B2B communication and we are not active here either.

A2P: Multiconnect is specialized in the A2P area in Austria, and is represented in the European cream of the crop. – more than a third of the largest players on the market are already among our customers.

Use cases of this technology are for example: if you book a hotel or a flight online and receive a confirmation text on your mobile, or when a package delivery service sends you an SMS when they completed your delivery.

Why are text messages still important? Isn’t WhatsApp the new standard?

SMS has been around through the years and even survived the coming and going of other technologies, which offered more. Why’s that? Well, Skype for Business for example never pushed through, the number of users never reached a critical point.

Even WhatsApp, although it has an amazing dissemination in the private realm, is far from reaching EVERY user, which also wouldn’t be technically possible – not everyone uses a smartphone or wants to provide his personal data free of charge for a foreign third party.

SMS still offers the following advantages:

  • Delivery guarantee: You know for sure if a message was delivered and arrived.
  • Range: You can really reach EVERY mobile number with an SMS.
  • Reception: From the customer’s point of view – EVERY mobile number can receive an SMS.
  • Technically constant basis: You don’t need an app, updates cannot prevent the reception, you don’t need to install something extra to receive SMS.
  • International standards: Because of all these reasons, and some other legal ones,  nothing will be changed on SMS as a standard e.g.: for the banking industry in regards to the mobile TAN procedure, in future.


Which advantages does Multiconnect offer in the A2P area compared to other providers?

Due to very good reasons, Multiconnect did reach an amazing market coverage of over 30% in the field of the large aggregators. Here are just a few of these reasons:

We are a carrier: Through its daughter Spusu, Multiconnect is a real carrier, we are not only the middleman but a real provider – we have the necessary hardware and all the advantages that come with this fact.

Therefore, we only offer direct connections, instead of having to rent the lines first. Furthermore, we can work on direct timings, at the same time we can offer a coverage of GENUINE 100% in Austria, an advantage that no other prover can offer – we really reach EVERY Austrian consumer.

Delivery notifications: As an aggregator, you need to inform your client, e.g. Lufthansa, that a message was delivered – based on this an experienced player will request a service level agreement with a delivery rate of over 99,99% – we are able to constantly offer this level of performance.

100% Geo-redundant: Our system is configured in a way that it can never fail, cause a number of geographically distributed backup systems with own emergency power supply are backing it up – another advantage that other providers simply cannot offer.

24/7/365: Therefore we are able to re-route in a timely manner, even in case of undeliverability. We know for example which provider has when, what problems as many of their customers came to us over the years, cause the performance was not enough at certain peak times. Many aggregators simply can’t afford it to work with companies that don’t offer this.

Virtual Mobile Numbers: Instead of receiving an SMS from 4554, you can use real “long number” – so-called virtual mobile numbers – at Multiconnect. There are a lot of use cases for those number – besides the option of doing voice broadcasts as some political parties like to use in their campaigns, we are able to dispatch nationally.

Cost Savings: In Austria, we have an international exception. Even if you broadcast from Austria, but the prefix is e.g.: +49, because you are only the middleman and not a carrier, the cost for an SMS are approximately twice as high, then sending it from a +43 number – therefore we are able to offer our customers from around the world to send SMS in Austria for national prices.

Live Stats: In our established system you are able to check the stats of any broadcast live and even an automated processing of receipt confirmations for tens and hundreds of thousand message at the same time is no problem.

Compatible protocols: Our system is not only PCI standard compatible, but also SMPP and of course HTTP and https.

Last but not least, the biggest advantage:  From every other provider and middleman you can only buy packages – most of the times the planning doesn’t allow to buy the cheapest quantities, or you buy 100.00 pieces, but only need 53.000.

Because you directly work with a carrier when you work with us, we are able to charge you exactly per piece – if you send 53.441 SMS, you will only pay exactly for 53.441.


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