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0900 premiumConnect

Invoice services and content via phone with a 0900 calling number

You offer chargeable services and want to invoice them via the telephone bill of your caller? If yes, the 0900 premiumConnect with flexible choosable tariffs is exactly the right number for you.  The tariff selection can be as high as 3 € per minute or 10 € per call from a German landline.



Free pricing possibilities with premiumConnect:

0900‑1 Price according to announcement, e.g. for information or fax polling
0900‑3 Price according to announcement, e.g. for entertainment offers (no adult entertainment)
0900‑5 Price according to announcement, e.g. for entertainment offers

Use cases for a 0900 service calling number:

  • Entertainment (astrology, entertainment, gaming, etc.)
  • Consulting
  • Expert hotline
  • Payment
  • Donations

Bestellen Sie Ihre 0900 Service Rufnummer bei Multiconnect

As a Multiconnect customer you benefit in multiple ways:

  • Sales payment monitor
  • professional account blocking
  • successful and reputable collection
  • assistance for legal issues
  • fast implementation
  • comprehensive statistics- and management modules
  • individual speech dialogue system
  • punctual and secure disbursements
  • clear and transparent accounting
  • professional 24-hour support

All of this at very competitive prices. Our experts are there to help and together with you create the perfect solution.

You can reach us either by phone at +49 (89) 44 288-000  or via the following contact form:


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